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Ahmyo Wheels was born as an idea in 2013 when because of life circumstance we had the opportunity to discover a connection with an OG urethane manufacturer in California. We dug into it until we found a trace of skateboarding. Thrilled with the idea, We decided to contact the factory and we started all to come out to the public in March of 2014 with our first Lineup . The "Earth Lineup"a pure and simple yet perfect beginning to this adventure.

A year after, Evolution was needed. We introduced our "Higher Learning Series" . Our full speed Lineup for 2015 & beyond. This Series was designed and thought for all kinds of roads and races. With all our new shapes built for speed this new lineup allows us to be on the level we needed to be to destroy the race tracks and get that real speed we crave. Acceleration, grip and drift at its finest is what we intended to bring with this 3 new shapes.





Who are we?


I like to think we are a group of outcasts, strangers to this world, its rules and ways. We wonder through this plane with skateboarding in mind to bear and witness this life and mission that we are in. Enjoy, love and smile as much as we can because of it. We are Aliens in our true self. 


I (Ed Cordero) lead the crew and company from all around the world. (or at least that is the idea).
Iñaki Garate Co-Owner and Business man, holds the fort in Mexico City where we hold distribution for Mexico. Tana Rohrer, our designer, writer and artist, is based in Spain.
Dylan Pierce, WA local ripper and our new Shipping Manager in The States, is making sure all your wheels and swag are packed with love and stoke .

Our family extends from one continent to the next and beyond. We couldn't be happier with each and every being that comes across and joins the cause.


What does AHMYO mean? 


AHMYO is a vibration. And it means Absolute and Complete TRUST in your TRUE SELF.


We really liked this idea, personally and also because it is the essence of skateboarding. You need trust in yourself to do it. This became our name since the idea started. We knew what we wanted to bring to skateboarding besides wheels and maybe more someday. And that is a higher learning to each and every single being that comes across AHMYO. 


This is our opportunity to remember the unity and oneness in all to every being we reach. With the love and high vibrations of DH Skateboarding around the world we know it can help the change. 


Why DH Skateboarding Wheels?


Who doesn’t love wheels? The idea of designing and making a wheel to our needs is something every skater dreams of, at least all we know. Especially in Downhill. So as DH skateboarders when the possibility or coincidence of getting to know that first factory and ordering some wheels came up, it was something we knew we couldn’t turn down. So we had to start somewhere.  This came at the perfect time and we had the luck to make it happen. Life will give you the opportunities you ask for, they say. We truly believe that more and more every day. 




"So Wheels it was and wheels we made"


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