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In Hinduism our reality is called maia, where we occupy a body and have an ego. Here we live an experience or samsara in which we face our fears, the karma of our actions or even the ignorance of our own self.

MUKTI or moksha is the state of liberation that is accessed by overcoming these fears and the cycle of karma through self-knowledge, or in other words, connecting with your true self.


The ancient Vedic Masters spoke of NADA BRAHMA, "the world is sound, the world is vibration".

Modern physics confirm that matter is made up of subatomic particles vibrating at a certain speed. Even our thoughts are emitted into the universe in the form of vibration with its higher or lower frequency, attracting equal vibrations.

The different frequencies in which each object or being vibrates allows our brain to differentiate them. Yet the principle of vibration tells us that nothing is immobile, and in that constant movement, everything is connected.


In ancient Chinese Medicine they called it Qui, the vital energy. Prana is the energy inside and surrounding everything. It gives life to Akasha and sets it in motion.


In Sanskrit it means “inspired air”, as in breathing, it is dual, positive and negative, ying and yang, inhale and exhale.

Prana is the breath of life.

Matter is the physical part of reality, It is concentrated energy at its maximum expression. That concentration of energy that conforms everything that exists, we call  Akasha.


The initial substance, the worlds soul.In Sanskrit, Akasha means space, the ether & the essence of all. And as everything and everyone is Akasha, everything and everyone is one.


Mer-Ka-Ba is the energetic field that surrounds each and everyone of us.  When the Merkaba is active Prana flows inside without difficulty, its name refers to a vehicle of light, it allows us to transcend reality and its planes.


For the Merkaba to be active it is necessary to be at peace, to live in the unconditional love and to comprehend the profound balance in which we are connected to the universe. 


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